Spandex Tablecloth Rental

$ 11.00



Create a professional and sleek look for your next wedding, party, or event with our high quality Spandex Tablecloths. These wrinkle-free tablecloths are the perfect addition to any table rental, providing a clean and polished appearance. Whether on the beach or in your backyard, our tablecloths will elevate any occasion.


Special Order Linens require reservations 3 weeks in advance. 

Linens should be dry and food and particle-free to prevent mildew and staining (includes food, gum, tape, staples, etc.) DO NOT PLACE LINENS IN A PLASTIC BAG.     

Additional charges will apply when extraordinary cleaning and/or repair of rental items is required (removal of wax, gum, tape, glue, staples, etc.)

A $10 per linen cleaning charge will be assessed for any linens returned with stains or excessive dirt.

Replacement costs will apply when rental items are returned in a condition making them un-rentable including linens returned with wax stains or mold.


 Spandex 6' Rectangle Tablecloth measures 72"x30" Fits most 6' rectangle tables.

Spandex 8' Rectangle Tablecloth measures 96"x30" Fits most 8' rectangle tables.

Spandex Cocktail Tablecloth measures 42"x24"-36" Fit most tall and standard cocktail tables.



Our Rectangle and Cocktail Tables. 

Our Beautiful Centerpieces


This is a rental item, available in the Panama City and surrounding areas. Most rentals may be used for up to 48 hours without an additional charge. Be sure to confirm availability prior to renting your items. Paying for rentals online, without confirming availability, will be subject to a 15% penalty upon refund. Additional fees may apply for tablecloth and dinnerware rentals. Items may not be left on the beach or outside overnight. The client is responsible for the item’s care while in the client’s possession. Please see our full terms and conditions on our home page or contact us with questions.



Delivery and setup services are in addition to the rental price listed. Cost depends on the size of the entire rental order. We offer multiple options for your convenience:

  • Warehouse Pickup & Return: Our warehouse, located in Lynn Haven, is open on Fridays and Mondays between 10 AM and 2 PM for rental pickups and returns. There is no cost for this service.
  • Curbside Delivery Service: Our curbside delivery service runs daily from 9 AM until noon. We will deliver and unload your rental items, curbside, during these times. It is up to you to move them to the spot desired and set them up. The morning after your event, stack your rentals in the same spot as the delivery and we will be by to pickup between 9 AM and noon to pick up. The cost of this service depends on the size and location of your order.
  • Delivery with Setup: We can deliver all your rental items and set them up on the date and time needed. We will return later that evening or the next morning, whatever is best for you, to pick up the rentals. Please note, food cleanup is not included in this service. Food, beverages, and trash will need to be removed from any rentals, prior to pick up.