Popcorn Bar

$ 295.00

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When salty is more your thing than sweet, or if you just want to offer your guests a unique experience this popcorn bar is just the thing you need! We have 2 popcorn bar options. Our standard popcorn bar includes 6 flavored popcorns with containers, flavor label/signs, scoops, and bags for your guests, all customized for the look of your event. We also offer a fresh popcorn bar with an attendant to pop fresh popcorn for your guests. This service includes butter, season salts, and candy mixers for your guests to customize their popcorn to their specific tastes!

The Standard Popcorn Bar includes:

  • 6 flavors of pre-popped bags of popcorn 
  • Popcorn Bar sign
  • Popcorn containers with scoops
  • Popcorn flavor signs/labels
  • Popcorn bags for guests
  • Designed to match your event theme

The Fresh Popcorn Bar includes:

  • Vintage inspired popcorn machine
  • Machine attendant (up to 3 hours)
  • 3 toppings (movie theater butter, caramel drizzle, & chocolate drizzle
  • 6 season salts (see flavor options below)
  • 4 mixers (chocolate chips, gummy bears, marshmallows, & pretzels)
  • Personal popcorn bucket for guests
  • Bar table with accent designed to match your event theme

Select the number of guests you anticipate hosting below for pricing. Delivery is not included. Delivery and setup is available 7 days a week or, for the Standard Popcorn Bar service, you can pickup and return (containers, scoops, & signs) Monday through Friday at our Lynn Haven location.