wedding unity ceremonies and cultural traditions

Specialty Ceremonies

There are so many sub-ceremonies to incorporate into your wedding ceremony, helping to make it memorably yours! Most (not all) of these are performed after the vows and ring exchange, to symbolize the new union. Your ceremony specialist will make sure your ceremony is arranged in an order that flows perfectly! 
Remember, these are just scripts created and collected over the years. You are not limited to what is listed here. If you found or created something you like better, you will have an opportunity to upload it for your ceremony specialist.
Tea/Coffee Unity Ceremony
Tree Planting Ceremony
Box Ceremony (love letter, first fight, anniversary)

Cultural Wedding Traditions

Every culture has its own unique way of celebrating the union of a couple into marriage. Many of our current traditions are based on a combination of other cultural wedding rituals . Click here for a list of common cultural traditions performed during the ceremony. If you would like to incorporate a specific tradition, your ceremony specialist will work with you personally to create something meaningful for you.

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