Rental Terms & Conditions

Rental Terms & Conditions



For the purposes of this agreement, the term CUSTOMER is defined as the PERSON RESPONSIBLE FOR PAYING FOR THE RENTAL, REGARDLESS OF THE INVOLVEMENT OF THE CUSTOMER'S AGENT IN THE ORDERING, RECEIVING, USE OR OTHER HANDLING OF THE GOODS RENTED. The DEALER is The Wedding Shop by Uniting Happiness, LLC. CUSTOMER'S AGENT is any third party working for, or representing, the customer including, but not limited to, the customer's employees, caterers, clubs, florist, hotel/motel representatives, and the agent's employees.



Reservation of rental items is not guaranteed without 50% deposit and signed rental agreement. Any monies paid to Dealer is considered as acceptance of The Wedding Shop's Rental Agreement policies.                                                                                                                   


Most quoted prices cover a one-day charge. Longer rental times can be negotiated.                                                                                                                         


A 50% deposit is required at the time of order placement to guarantee reservation of items, and payment in full seven (7) days prior to pick-up or delivery of items for orders under $1000. A 33% or 50% deposit is required at the time of order placement to guarantee reservation of items. Payment in full sixty (60) days prior to pick-up or delivery of items for orders over $1000.                                                                                   

                CHECK PAYMENT: In the event your check is dishonored or returned for any reason, you authorize us to electronically (or by paper draft) re-present the check to your bank account for collection of the amount of the check, plus any applicable fees as permitted by state law.                           

                CREDIT CARD PAYMENT: We accept all major credit cards.                                                                                                   


Normal pick-up/return hours are Monday-Saturday between the hours of 9:30 AM and 6:30 PM.  Pickup for a single day rental can be picked up after 3pm the day prior and returned my 12pm the following business day unless otherwise agreed too.  Customer pick-up and return to The Wedding Shop’s location is always free. An additional fee will be charged for delivery/pick-up to a location by The Wedding Shop staff. If delivery/pick-up is not possible during normal hours, a special delivery service can be arranged for an additional charge.                             

  • Deliveries are made to a dock, garage, door or other location readily accessible to our trucks.     
  • Deliveries to locations not readily accessible to our trucks may require an additional charge.                
  • Deliveries will be made to a staging location mutually agreed upon by Customer and Dealer.                
  • Deliveries for weekend events may require early drop-off, and these delivery dates and times remain flexible until the week of the event.
  • For Dealer pickup, rental items should be located in the same staging location mutually agreed upon by Customer and Dealer. Rental items should be packed and stacked in the same manner in which they were delivered. Otherwise, an additional charge may apply.
  • We offer setup & teardown of rented items for an additional fee. Requires advance arrangement.                
  • We offer event design services for an additional fee. Requires advance arrangement.
  • A order processing fee may apply for orders placed or changed after 12:00 PM (noon) on the day prior to the day the items are to be received by the Customer.                                


Customer may make changes to rental order at any time. However, order changes may be subject to a restocking fee, additional labor fee, or loss of deposit, based on the date of change, the type of items changed, and whether the changes increase or decrease the order.

  • Orders containing no HIGH-DEMAND and Special Order items may be changed within 7 days of the event without incurring additional fees.
  • Order changes containing HIGH-DEMAND and Special Order items (i.e. chairs, tents, tables, place settings, etc.) may be changed within 60 days of the event without incurring additional fees.
  • Orders changed after items have been pulled and/or loaded for delivery may be subject to an additional 25% restocking fee.                                                                                  
  • Order changes made short of 60 days of the event, and containing HIGH-DEMAND or Special Order items, may result in forfeiture of the 50% deposit on the number of HIGH-DEMAND or special order items deleted.


Customer may cancel rental items at any time. However, cancelled orders may be subject to a restocking fee or loss of deposit, based on the date cancelled and/or the type of item rented.                                     

  • Orders cancelled within 14 days of the event may be refunded total payment made to date.
  • Orders containing HIGH-DEMAND or Special Order items (i.e. chairs, tents, tables, etc.) can be cancelled more  than 60 days prior to the event with a full refund of deposit, less nonrefundable fees. Cancellation, in writing, of orders containing these HIGH-DEMAND or special order items, that is short of 60 days of the event, will result in forfeiture of the 50% deposit. Should the Customer fail to give written notice of cancellation prior to 14 days before the delivery date, the deposit shall be deemed fully earned by the Dealer.
  • Orders cancelled within two days of delivery may be subject to an additional 50% restocking fee.
  • Items cancelled on delivery will not be refunded.                                                                


  • All china, glassware, utensils, etc., should be refuse-free and placed in their same delivery containers.
  • Linens should be dry and food and particle-free to prevent mildew and staining (includes food, gum, tape, staples, etc.)
  • Additional charges will apply when extraordinary cleaning and/or repair of rental items is required (removal of wax, gum, tape, glue, staples, etc.)
  • A $10 per linen cleaning charge will be assessed for any linens returned with stains or excessive dirt.
  • Replacement costs will apply when rental items are returned in a condition making them un-rentable including linens returned with wax stains or mold.
  • All personal items and items from other vendors should be clear of the Dealer's pickup area.                                                                                                                

RESPONSIBILITY :                                                                                                          

Customer assumes responsibility for the following:                                                                                          

  • Rentals throughout the rental period, from time of delivery through time of pickup or return.
  • Replacement cost of damaged and/or lost rental items.
  • Additional charges for extraordinary cleaning and/or repair of rental items.
  • Returning shortages located after pick-up. Replacement costs will be applied at the time of invoicing. Credit for returned shortages will be applied after shortages are returned, inspected and inventoried.
  • Picking up personal items returned to Dealer. Customer will be notified regarding items not belonging to Dealer. Customer must pick-up these items within seven (7) business days of Items not collected within seven (7) business days will be discarded.
  • counting and inspection of items at the time of delivery and prior to pickup/return. This responsibility DOES NOT fall to the Customer's agent.
  • reporting order errors to the office prior to the time of the event (leave voicemail after hours). Damages/shortages not reported prior to the event will be charged to the Customer.
  • Should Dealer purchase items specifically for the purpose of filling an order, customer is responsible for the rental charge on that item, even if cancelled.
  • Items returned late may be assessed additional rental fees.
  • Rental items that are damaged, lost and/or stolen, the Customer will be invoiced for the cost of repairs plus 20% or the full replacement cost.                                                                    


By signing this form, the customer agrees to the previous statements and accepts the terms of this contract. In the event that The Wedding Shop must pursue legal collection enforcement, the customer agrees to pay all legal fees and costs for trial. The customer also agrees that this matter will be litigated in Bay County, Florida.


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A credit card is required to be kept on file for all orders containing rentals. This is to help minimize damage costs and loss of rented items. No charges will be made without prior notification and opportunity to update the payment method. By renting items from The Wedding Shop and signing this form, you consent to these charges should they be deemed absolutely necessary.

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